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The First Teen Gathering a Success!

By December 4, 2018December 15th, 2018No Comments
Eighth through 12th grade teens gathered at Hill Country Indoor to begin the Tune into Life Teen Voice Movement. Teens were shown some data points from the most recent youth survey given locally that included topics such as teen anxiety, teen connection, and teen suicidal ideation.  The students, lead by other student leaders, immersed themselves in discussions about underlying causes for the high numbers around teen anxiety, lack of connection, and suicidal thoughts. They also began brainstorming what changes would need to occur (both in the community and in the school setting) to decrease the numbers of students in distress.
These initial 20 students will continue to generate ideas and movement around creating a shift in the current culture of anxiety that many of our teens live within and have been asked to each tap 2-3 more students on the shoulders to join us to help create these first iterations of positive teen culture shifts here in the Lake Travis Community.
Tune Into Life will support these endeavors financially through fundraising and donations.
If you or your 8th-12th grader would be interested in supporting this shift, contact TIL through this website!

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