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Lakeway Youth Risk Behavior Survey

By March 18, 2019August 18th, 2020No Comments

May 2017 1413 7th through 12th graders in Lakeway School District completed the Youth Risk Behavior Survey electronically. Findings suggested higher than national averages on several items.

Here are a few of those results…

  • Levels of Anxiety and Stress in teachers leading to self medicating (drugs/ alcohol to reduce stress)
    • 40% of students say they don’t feel good enough
    • 52% of high school students feel the stress of school is too much
    • 70% of High School students think it’s normal to get high on weekends with friends
    • 60% say a lot of students drink, 49% say LTHS is known for partying
  • Thinking about suicide or doing things to self harm
    • 17% report having considered or attempted suicide in past year
    • 25% say they have felt sad or hopeless for two or more weeks in a row in past year
    • Lack of support from educators, parents
    • 58% feel supported by teachers (18% say no teacher cares about them)
    • 12% report feeling that no parent cares about them

So the questions are?

  1. Does any of this surprise you?
  2. If you could do one thing to reduce stress among 7th-12th graders in Lakeway what would you do?
    a. Can adults change these feelings/stresses?
    b. Can kids do anything to change these feelings/stresses?
  3. Do you want to join a group of young people helping community leaders to understand the point of view of kids living in Lakeway that wants to listen to your ideas and make this a healthier, happier place to be a kid?

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