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Community Coalition for Positive Youth Development Trainings

By September 18, 2019No Comments
Tune Into Life (TIL) is our new, local non-profit organization recognized by the State of Texas; our mission is to give rise to healthy communities by providing:
  • mental health awareness education with a focus on suicide prevention;
  • creating community teen initiatives to give teens a voice around mental health concerns and issues;
  • equipping parents/community with connection tools to make our community more inclusive and engaged.
One of the most impactful steps TIL will take next is to have our community influencers gather to learn specific tools, language and processes to support positive youth development within the realm of the TIL mission: giving rise to safe, healthy communities (by keeping our youth healthy, productive, happy and living well).
Today’s teenage landscape is much different than that in which we all grew up; we owe it to our young people to support them on their journey into adulthood, which has now been tainted by a rise in suicide for the ages of 16-24 year olds.
We gathered 20 amazing leaders in August and launched the first 2 part training for building assets in our young people that will create a safer, more connected community.  From LTYA and HCI, to Girl Scouts and Church Leaders, the first go at the coalition training was IMPACTFUL!
The goals of our Community Coalition for Positive Youth Development:
1. Learn about the data that is driving our mission (our community has a higher than national rate of teen anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation).
2. Know tools that are protective factors, positive assets, to create in our youths’ lives, and know the signs/symptoms of risk factors when present.
3. Know WHAT TO DO in a situation where there are red flags present in youth interactions.
4. For YOU to take this information and then impart the tools/knowledge to your group of adults/teens whom you lead, who interact with our youth on a regular basis.
We can truly impact our community, together, on the same page and with the same mission! Our kids/teens/young adults matter.

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