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Family Code Example

By October 9, 2019No Comments

Our family will continue to work towards the following expectations:

1. We will treat each other with respect. This includes ‘tone’.
2. We will use healthy coping strategies to manage our anger and frustration.
3. We will be honest and truthful at all times (we do NOT keep secrets from each other.)
4. We will NOT use alcohol until we’re 21 and we will NEVER use illegal drugs.
5. We will do our family chores, work to help keep our family and our lives in order.

The REWARDS for honoring our Family code are:

1. Monthly allowance.
2. Hang outs with our friends upon most requests (depends on schedule.)
3. Sleep-overs with mom and dad.
4. Respect from mom and dad, which leads to more trust, which leads to more privileges.

The CONSEQUENCES for violating this family code are:

1. For disrespect, there will be 2 hours without any electronics.
2. For lying or being dishonest, there will be a loss of privileges such as having no hang
outs and/or electronics.
3. For not doing chores, there will be 2 hours without any electronics and will include a
financial deduction as well.

Electronic/Social Media Guidelines:

1. We will limit screen time each day to 2.5 hours/day outside of the school day
2. We will have one TECH-FREE weekend day a month (day to be chosen by family)
3. We will avoid using profanity, disparagement or humiliation in our social media posts

We love you and want only the best for you. If you come to us with the truth about a
mistake you’ve made, you’ll have a consequence. But if someone ELSE tells us about a
mistake you’ve made, your consequences will be doubled.

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