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Changing Your Life, Changing Your Habits

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Changing Your Life, Changing Your Habits

Everyone has bad habits, and they can be extremely difficult to break, especially if you lack the motivation to do so. If you’re about to make a major life change of some sort, it may be the perfect time to break those bad habits and replace them with better, healthier choices and actions. Tune Into Life invites you to read on for some tips and tricks on changing your life and changing your habits.

Making Healthier Choices

If your bad habits involve an unhealthy diet or laziness about exercise, a period of life change is the perfect time to make some healthier choices. Maybe you’re moving to a new city. Look for a place close to a gym or walking paths, and make a firm commitment to use them.

Perhaps you’re engaged to be married. As you look forward to your new life together, you and your partner may decide to learn how to cook healthy meals. Look at your healthy choices as part of the adventure.

Starting a New Career

Perhaps your bad habit is continually complaining about your job. If so, you can make a major life transition by starting a new career and breaking that habit. Research carefully to determine what field you want to go into and whether or not you need further education. Update your resume, and make sure you have good references in place. Then start looking for job openings so that you can take the plunge into your new career and be happier in your life.

Eliminating Stress

Stress can cause all kinds of bad habits — everything from nail-biting to drinking too much to clenching your jaw. If you’re about to make a life change, you can use the opportunity to lower your stress and end those bad habits. Maybe your life change involves leaving a bad relationship. In that case, your stress levels are bound to decrease, and you can train yourself to eliminate those associated bad habits. Try meditation or music therapy to help you find a new balance in your life.

Strengthening Relationships

Life changes can also give you the opportunity to strengthen some relationships you may be neglecting. If you have a bad habit of failing to respond to texts or emails from friends and relatives, for instance, then your life change can give you an excellent reason to contact them and tell them all about what’s going on. If you’re planning your wedding or making a move or switching jobs, you can send out regular updates, and you may find yourself in stronger relationships with your loved ones.

Being More Organized

If your bad habit is a lack of organization, a move can certainly help you overcome that while giving you a fresh start. For your move to proceed smoothly, you must remain organized. Systematically research moving companies, for instance, by looking up “local movers near me” online, reading online reviews, and then meeting with likely candidates to discuss your needs, get quotes (always in writing), and ask about discounts and credits. Make a detailed checklist to help you choose the right mover.

Breaking Bad Habits

Life changes give you the perfect opportunity to break bad habits, build new ones, and improve your mental health along the way. Visit Tune Into Life, based in Lakeway, Texas, for more ideas.

By Camille Johnson

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